On our unintentional intentions

Ironically, intentions have always been unintentionally important to me.

I’ve spent my life trying my best to have clear reasons for the decisions that I make. It’s always been important to me that I don’t just do things without a reason or a rationale. What I’ve spent the last year of my life becoming more aware of is how, while rational, logical reasons are important, it’s also imperative to be aware of the deep, underlying emotional reasons driving our choices. Try as we (or at least I) might, we are not purely rational creatures. We do not do things, no matter how much we may try to convince ourselves otherwise, for purely logical reasons.

We are always trying to get our needs met. And we unconsciously find ways which we think will accomplish that. A great many of us, myself included up until this point, cast out and make decisions which we have rationalized as being objectively good for us, without taking the time to step back from ourselves and analyze and fully understand the why of it, or even the exact need that we’re trying to address. It leads to haphazard communication. If we don’t understand ourselves, we cannot expect others to understand us, either.

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