Cast of Characters

This is a blog which engages in anonymity and has changed names to protect that. All the same, here are the players and their relationship to me (Zai) as they have thus far been introduced. The chronology of this blog is more interested in examining threads as they become important to me rather than following a strict timeline, so not all characters of merit have been made mention of yet, but you can follow the links to see posts they are tagged in.

Jean-GuyEx-husband. First boyfriend. High school sweethearts. Together for nearly eight years.

Robert & Brianne: First relationship after striking out into open marriage/poly land. This was an emotionally abusive relationship which, at first, was a quad, with me dating Robert and Jean-Guy dating Brianne, Robert’s wife. Brianne and Robert were both highly explosive individuals and Jean-Guy and, in particular, myself, got badly caught in the crossfire.

HollyJean-Guy’s new girlfriend/our old roommate who he started dating while we were all still living together without informing me.

Mason: My second secondary relationship outside of Jean-Guy which began a conscious attempt to undo the damage done by Robert and to prove to myself that I could handle myself and both protect myself and be open to truly getting to know someone else again. He was only in the states for 6 months before returning home, though we kept a long distance relationship going for another 6 months. My relationship with Mason was part of what helped to give me the strength of courage to acknowledge to myself that Jean-Guy was not the proper choice for me, though leaving Jean-Guy was never so I could be with Mason. We split shortly after I moved out.

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